Dave Bernstien
Dave Bernstien Dag siden
Gasser look on a ramp truck sounds AWESOME!
Nathanael Cole
Nathanael Cole Dag siden
That wheel looks like the Stanley Cup lol!
Nathanael Cole
Nathanael Cole Dag siden
I don't think you will have to worry about needing wheelie bars with that thing! If you do, I gotta see that wheelie, probably the last it will ever do.
Anthony Efx
Anthony Efx Dag siden
NRE powerplant?? This thing is going to make well over 1000 hp and be able to be driven daily
Casey Smyth
Casey Smyth Dag siden
Shame about the wheel issues. Why cant the main part of wheel lip that is slightly bigger be turned down on a CNC? Seems like a simple solution
ABOlsen80X Dag siden
Hey Fin What on earth kind of duration does one use in monster of an engine like that? I'm thinking something crazy like 278 and 290 @ 50.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
Hey fin when I’m I going to get up date on your c10 really in joy the up grades
ucirick Dag siden
The truck you bought couldn’t pull a whore of a piss pot
Jaison Bairstow
Jaison Bairstow Dag siden
Your wife is WAY more forgiving than mine would be, Mike!
It would be really cool if you could make a video on the history between you and your dad as a tribute for him
Mike Genson
Mike Genson Dag siden
some people do not deserve the privilege of caring for a pup.... this assclown is one of those people
Da vid
Da vid Dag siden
I was never worried, I just could have had that Caddie and cruised around in it. Maybe ruined all that purity with EFI and hair dryers and make it go 200mph regardless, but who am I talking to. Where do you dig up these cars?
Devon Isaacs-Morace
Devon Isaacs-Morace Dag siden
Actually it might be more of a dare 😂
Devon Isaacs-Morace
Devon Isaacs-Morace Dag siden
I have a challenge for you finnegan so the blasphemi I was wondering if you could cram a large Ford blown big block with a blower and take it drag racing
Da vid
Da vid Dag siden
Btw Testarossa rules! I looked up "Late For The Party" on Spotify and couldn´t find it, the stuff they have on there will suffice for now. I want more!
Nicholas Hawkins
Nicholas Hawkins 2 dager siden
Nelson engines are nasty
Clintt Soluri
Clintt Soluri 2 dager siden
When's new c10 truck video???
craig streetzel
craig streetzel 2 dager siden
just look at the guys who are currently working on a new ctsv and cutting it up and it doesn't have a hundred miles on it yet and they have already pulled the motor and it is now sitting on tube chassis anyone can buy a car but cutting one up is how you serperate the builders and the guys who can bolt on something even if it is on the wrong way and upside down 😂 built not bought 💯
sickmyduck 2 dager siden
Can't wait to see it finished got to love a 60s caddy
Eddie Patterson
Eddie Patterson 2 dager siden
That caddy is gonna have killer stance are you going to keep the original paint on it? This is going to be slick ride Finn.
berky1976 2 dager siden
I am stoked you are getting another old car back on the road. Not doing anyone any good sitting in a bar or garage somewhere unused.
Anunir 2 dager siden
the caddy will probably be the funnest caddy to drive ever... i want it
G Crauwels
G Crauwels 2 dager siden
Those meats look sick under there. Dayum.
Noel Cunnington
Noel Cunnington 2 dager siden
Another name: colonel Buford c Finnegan
Dana Bergman
Dana Bergman 2 dager siden
Do a colored lug on those pretty wheels.
tyler martinkus
tyler martinkus 2 dager siden
I miss blasphemi , but thing looks awesome and will be pretty insane im sure
Gary Ensrud
Gary Ensrud 2 dager siden
Great vision, Mike! Can’t wait to see this build take shape.
michael anderson
michael anderson 2 dager siden
Congratulation you won an award for worst gas mileage truck of the year even tho they spend 5000 on a trans to gain 4 miles a gallon yea real winner winner chicken dinner
KEN DON 2 dager siden
The shots of galaxy from the ramp truck's perspective during the race were beautiful! This is great content
John Chism
John Chism 2 dager siden
This has GOT to be the most boring video on NOpost. And that's why most home built engines don't stay together!
Dakoda Morgan
Dakoda Morgan 2 dager siden
Do I see a rece week with Cletus in the future with the cadi?
Mike B
Mike B 2 dager siden
This is the Cadillac the Ghostbusters needed!
chucky Booker
chucky Booker 3 dager siden
Pierre Laboom aka, Howishestillalive
Pierre Laboom aka, Howishestillalive 3 dager siden
Though it's " Rather backwoods" I had a 68 granprix,lowered,w.skirts,and tall slicks,I actually used 3/4 steel tubing as a wheel opening trim,welded most of the way around the opening, I could remove the wheels without disconnecting the shocks,I would remove the valvecores,and pry the top of the tire mostly to the rim,bracing the pry bar against the opening (3/4 tubing),reinstall the cores and sneakem' out. Backwoods,I know,but I'm from the backwoods! Love this build! Your continually improving already awesome skills, that's the way to go-we should be improving, as " humanoids" Thankyou for unmatchable content! Newhampshire
Marc Sparks
Marc Sparks 3 dager siden
I was dubious, very nice
varmintgetter 3 dager siden
All the best
Charlie Forsythe
Charlie Forsythe 3 dager siden
I really missed the NOpost train here. Im scraping 500$ together for a lemons race car and these guys are out here building these monsters all at once! Damn! Lovin this Caddy.
65 bu
65 bu 3 dager siden
Be a lot cooler with a caddy based motor
Chris R
Chris R 3 dager siden
Nice dig at Bad Obsession Motorsport for taking over 7 years to finish Binky.
RICH DISCOVERIES 3 dager siden
Well I'm not the biggest advocate of cutting good condition cars oh, I would much rather see some metal cut and this car still out on the road rather than in perfect condition being pushed out of somebody's garage ever Memorial Day so they can look at it. Looks beautiful!!
Whitey Powers
Whitey Powers 3 dager siden
If want good fuel switching valves then you need to go find some from airplanes because they work perfectly every time.
Mike Kralj
Mike Kralj 3 dager siden
I hope all of the internet judges are here checking out this video... all of the "Roadkill is going to butcher this car" idiots. Finnegan knows what's up. Roadkill is just a show...
RC Flyr
RC Flyr 3 dager siden
Don’t cut up the Caddy, unless you’re going make way more bad ass! Yes!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
every single time you post your story its an inspiration to so many people out here and I can't thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your journey through this life
thezirkman 3 dager siden
I just love this. Seriously man, this car will be world wide.
chris xaf12
chris xaf12 3 dager siden
So it survived 59 years in intact only to become a freaking drag car
GTNLUKY 3 dager siden
Caddy is going to need long travel rear to get enough droop to service them meats!
Meerkat911 3 dager siden
I want to see more of that squarebody.
Doug Cahill
Doug Cahill 3 dager siden
Nelson racing makes some absolutely amazing engines, that’s gonna be sick
Scotti DuGotti
Scotti DuGotti 3 dager siden
Just subscribed dayum she is a beautiful car
Stephen Bertram
Stephen Bertram 3 dager siden
Looks cool. Same concept with a caddy hearse would be perfect for drag week.
Warped Sounds
Warped Sounds 3 dager siden
make sure you tell Nelson to make some videos on his channel of him building the motor, the guy stopped doing videos a while ago :/ such a shame.
Shawn Le Blanc
Shawn Le Blanc 3 dager siden
I missed the video or announcement, after all that time and work into Game over, why did you get rid of it?
MAD MIKE 3 dager siden
That dog is then end was awesome....
Your Mother should of swallowed
Your Mother should of swallowed 3 dager siden
The front grill etc, so much overhang. Flushed would look classy and help with drag, picture the front of a Rivera minus bumper. Just throwing thoughts/ideas out there not sure how stock you're going with the body. Amazing project, can't say I've ever seen a drag caddy. Got me thinking about a Lincoln now !! Oh boy.
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes 3 dager siden
"You always look good, I wasn't worried" This man knows the right things to say!
Darrin Douglas
Darrin Douglas 3 dager siden
Room in front of the donk for twins and a procharger.......just saying....lol
Random 3 dager siden
From roadkill to overkill. Amazing.
Mikael Blombäck
Mikael Blombäck 3 dager siden
My fiance wants me to get rid of my Camaro RS350 -70 to buy a bigger car that the whole family and friends can fit in. But not my type of car. But Im so cutting up a Cadillac and putting a big ass engine and so on in it, then i can live with drivning around in a battlecruiser. :D This is so happening... Mike's Cadillac in the video is gonna be sooo freaking rad...
J Maudsley
J Maudsley 3 dager siden
Impeccable taste Mr F
john rogers
john rogers 3 dager siden
Don’t forget to wind tunnel that skateboard 😎 and tires may stand up and stretch at speed 🙈
Chris Macabre
Chris Macabre 3 dager siden
Just wanna say, "Been on board with caddy chopping from day 1."
Johnny C
Johnny C 3 dager siden
Yessssss dude!!
Peter Olsen
Peter Olsen 3 dager siden
you know I bet you'll pass that Jet Car of Leno's...... any takers?? and the window's WILL stay on the car at speed....
Sidsideways 3 dager siden
Next time make sure there isn’t something pissing air while your talking it was very hard to hear you at points
Elliot Martin
Elliot Martin 3 dager siden
I understand that a caddy like this is a great starting point, and it will be a badass drag car someday. It's just sad to see an original car get cut up. Makes me think of all the times my Grandpa refused to sell his #'s matching '69 Charger. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to seeing this barge blast down the 1/4 mile.
J ay
J ay 3 dager siden
Cause Damb!
Dwayne Murphy
Dwayne Murphy 3 dager siden
That's going to be bad as shit, can't wait to see it finished.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 3 dager siden
its about damn time someone did this to a caddy
Jeff Heidel5
Jeff Heidel5 3 dager siden
I love those hornets I had a 70 with a 199 three on the tree my ex-wife had a 70 with a 258 automatic my was a tutor or hers was a four-door
Larry Alexander
Larry Alexander 3 dager siden
You guys have to much free time and free money . But will be cool car.
Stephen Holding
Stephen Holding 4 dager siden
Not your auntie's caddy that's for sure. You need to take it to a restaurant with valet parking. Oh wait.......well, maybe in a year..... ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 🌴 📸
Tristan Boyce
Tristan Boyce 4 dager siden
so i see 20x12 in the rear, but what about fronts? Also whats backspacing? Im trying to find wheels for my 70!
Alex _
Alex _ 4 dager siden
Its sad to see such a clean car getting chopped up like that but its so worth it
Phil Z
Phil Z 4 dager siden
Holy shit I want one........
David Witcher
David Witcher 4 dager siden
Can't wait to see that NRE 540 in there!
JayTee168 4 dager siden
Nelson engines are insane. I’ve followed him for many years. Looking forward to this build progress
keith dunham
keith dunham 4 dager siden
That concept for that car is just stupid
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 4 dager siden
so now you need to buy a car to fit the caddy wheels....
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 dager siden
Love ?? love ?? ?? the video
Tim Azevedo
Tim Azevedo 4 dager siden
Do those tires flex when you do a burn out and if so have you accounted for that space in the wheel well... in the video it doesn’t look like much clearance. Not hating at all just curious